IMPORTANT: This is a download of my free mini program to help you with the process of cleansing. You can buy the cleanse directly from the site (they ship worldwide!) click the link here and use the code FREYASAVAGE to receive a discount.


This cleanse is amazing!!


I've done years of detox and fasting, but nothing has come close to the effectivness of this.


It literally removes a bucket full of old junk in the inestines, each time I do this I have removed more than 1kg of decade old plaque.


And all within just 24 hours, with intestinal cleansing results of 40 day water fasts won't come close to.


It's totally safe, the product is made from fruit and vegetable enzymes, this is a method that has been used in the East for thousands of years and only over the last few years has been brought to the West in a commercialised way, although commercialised is not quite right since most people even in the detox world still don't know about it.